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Women Design Luxury Residential

December 20, 2021

Kate Rasmussen talks about what to consider when designing a forever home, the challenges around new builds and renovations and classical architecture.

Kate is an Executive Business Strategist at Wade Weissmann Architecture in Pittsburgh, US and has academic and professional experience in all phases of traditional architecture and urbanism.

She received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Notre Dame and a Master of Arts degree in Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism from the Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment at the University of Wales. In 2007, she was elected a Fellow of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art in New York.

Kate worked with the Prince's Foundation for the Built Environment in London, where her projects included the Ellon Pavilion in Ellon, Scotland, and master plans and architectural pattern books for towns across the UK.

Having spent the last decade as a specialist in the business of high-end residential architecture, Kate is known not only for her design excellence but also for her ability to connect, network, and grow the practice in new markets, project types, and geographical locations.

At WWA she has contributed to the design of private residences in Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, and Florida as well as custom commercial projects in California and Nashville.

Currently, Kate and her team of thirty are collaborating on a number of new second-home family compounds, renovation of a historic home and gardens in Miami, restoration of a landmark lakefront property in Milwaukee; new guest house, pools and garden features on a stunning estate in Montecito and new custom homes and renovations in Pittsburgh.