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"I dwell in Possibility"
Emily Dickinson

Embracing possibility is a key ingredient in the recipe of achieving an heirloom-quality piece of architecture. If you are simply looking for a set of blueprints, we are not your architects. Translating a design from the markings on a page to a built reality takes a team of people with varied skills sets who embody a singular mindset, a keen sense of humor and an unwavering belief in the possibilities of your project. If each project is the sum of its individual parts, then the magic, or the savory deliciousness, of your surroundings can be found in the work not only of the architects, but also of the woodworkers, specialty artisans, interior and landscape designers, among others, who add their own unique seasoning that helps bring the vision to life and adds so much life to the vision.


An artisan works with their hands to create unique, functional and decorative items, often using traditional techniques. It’s been our honor and privilege to partner with a multitude of fine artisans of different disciplines over the last several decades of creating bespoke architecture. While we can dream and draw it, an artisan must find a way to materialize it. We have a profound appreciation for the synchronicity of creativity and passion artisans bring to each project, and we partner with some of the best. As masters in their field of craft, we often rely on the specific knowledge base of our artisans to guide the detail on a railing, the curve of the ceiling, or the dovetailing of the door, perfectly.