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In this instance, our client wanted to maximize the magnificent lake views on the property, all the while allowing for as much privacy as possible with regard to the neighboring homes. While they were interested in incorporating elements of the craftsman style into the design of their residence, they also wanted it to maintain a traditionally "utilitarian" feel, characteristic of other midwest lake homes built within the last one hundred years.

In order to take full advantage of northern facing views, we designed the home to have a relatively shallow (or narrow) floorplan, such that the southern light could penetrate into each and every space. Additionally, we fashioned the home with winged ends that would angle outward, thereby creating a certain amount of privacy within the home’s courtyard, and granting each of the rooms within those angled ends a dual view of the lake.

To capitalize on the utilitarian aspect of the home, we kept the overall detailing relatively simple and devoid of unnecessary embellishment. Deep overhangs were designed so windows could be left open during rainy days, and long roof forms were fashioned to allow snow to ‘shed off’ during the winter months. Finally, certain structural elements of the home were left exposed, thereby contributing to the decidedly down-to-earth, utilitarian "feel".

Photography: David Bader