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When this client first approached us, they were residing in a beautifully tailored ‘arts and crafts’ residence that boasted quintessential English Tudor detailing. They had fallen in love with the warmth, materials, and craftsmanship of their home, and came to us hoping we could collaborate on bringing those same characteristics to a brand new residence on a shoreline property they had recently acquired.

Our goal with this new home was to embrace the sensibilities of the familiar English country home. Utilizing various materials to compose a casual yet unique facade, we played with local symmetries on the elevations, composing them in a decidedly fun and informal manner. Large, expressive chimneys and unique combinations of brick, timber and cement stucco come together to create a charming, thoroughly inviting exterior.

On the home’s interior, and echoing the layout of many great country homes, rooms were arranged around a central two story hall, which features a library that stands atop the space’s grande staircase. And in accordance with the client’s desire for indoor/outdoor living, multiple terraces and porches are situated just outside several of the home’s main spaces. Flanked by large, wooden windows, each space within this meticulously crafted residence allows its occupants to feel as though they are just steps away from the water’s edge.

Photography: David Bader